FIDR is a non-governmental organization working to support children in developing countries and people affected by disasters.

Emergency Response and Rehabilitation Assistance

Emergency Relief Program

Large natural disasters have been occurring in some parts of the world including Japan every year. FIDR swiftly engages in gEmergency Relief h to support victims firstly to sustain their health and overcome difficulties at evacuation places. Thereafter, where communities and areas need support for rehabilitation, FIDR engages in gRehabilitation Support Programh. Regarding The Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11, 2011, we engaged in support soon after the occurrence and have been providing support up to today.

We stand on the following three principles to provide effective emergency support:

Promptly to the site

In providing support, our first step has to be going to disaster-hit area and staying close to those suffering from the disaster. We need to be at the site as we find answers to what we should do there.
We dispatch staffs to disaster-hit areas swiftly, grasp the local situation and engage in Necessary support.

Flexibly with constantly changing situations

Situations at disaster-hit area change from one moment to another. Relief operation starts with rescuing victims, and moves to providing medical care, food and daily necessities and restoring daily living. Living place for victims changes from evacuation center, temporary housing and to permanent housing. Over these periods, their thoughts and consciousness also change greatly.

We provide truly necessary support through considering present and future situation in collaborating with local government, relevant agencies and organizations, and local people.

For the reconstruction of disaster-hit areas

It takes many years to be recovered from large disaster as not only peoplefs livelihood, but regional social and economic infrastructure are destroyed. Having the views for medium and long term local rehabilitation, we will engage in supporting the restoration of education, health and medical care and community and nurturing industry to recover and rebuild economy.