FIDR is a non-governmental organization working to support children in developing countries and people affected by disasters.

Industrial Development

A World Problem- People and areas unable to get out from economic and social vulnerability

Lately some countries in Asia and Central and South America have been achieving steady economic growth. Some are getting out of the category of developing country. However under the shadow of this economic growth, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. While the living standard of the urban rich and middle-class people are getting wealthier, that of the poor remains the same or become worse.

Those who are affected by and suffer from this disparity are people in countryside, women, ethnic minority groups, and people in discriminated classes. While the government policy prioritizes economic growth, the development of laws and policies for protecting socially vulnerable people is left behind and this results in widening the disparity. Poor women, in particular, are placed under social oppression and they remain in difficulty in becoming self-reliant.

It is vital for socially vulnerable people to receive vocational training in order to acquire knowledge and skills that, which enables them to be engaged in the industrial sector and service sector, which are more high-value-added industries. At the same time, it is important to foster new local industries.

Source: JILAF(2017)

Main Causes

・Lack of opportunity for the poor to gain knowledge and skills
・Motivation of the poor to be self-reliant is suppressed
・Lack of basic infrastructure including road and communication for regional economic development
・Economic situation forcing children to work
・Insufficiency of laws and policies to protect the socially weak

Our Approach

Vietnam has achieved remarkable economic development, mainly in the coastal areas. The mountainous area in the central region, where many ethnic minority people live, has been left behind, and to minimize the widening gap in income between the rich and the poor is a big problem to resolve.
The traditional techniques, cultures, nature, and values of ethnic minorities are still preserved in mountainous areas. By protecting and utilizing these local resources, FIDR fosters distinctive industries and support the sustainable development of the society with the initiatives of local residents.

Completed Projects

・Protection and Reintegration Project for Marginalized Girls (Cambodia)
・Lien Chieu District Sustainable Livelihood Assistance Project (Vietnam)
・Catu Traditional Handicraft Assistance Project (Vietnam)
Catu Ethnic Minority Community Based Tourism Project (Vietnam)
Project for Rural Development by Local Initiative of the Ethnic Minority Communities in Nam Giang District (Vietnam)