FIDR is a non-governmental organization working to support children in developing countries and people affected by disasters.

Approach by Sectors

Diversified and comprehensive approach to solve poverty

We engage in various activities in different sectors including health, education, and rural development to solve poverty in developing countries. Poverty in developing countries is not a simple economic problem, and exists in different forms and in various situations, and they are interrelated; there is no doctor available nearby when people get sick; there is no nearby school to be able to attend even if children desire; there is no safe water; natural environment is destroyed are some examples. We see local situations from different perspectives as well as grasp government policies and activities of aid organizations. We will know local situations such that assistance for improving agricultural skill is quite effective in one area or training of medical staffs is urgently required in another area. We do not narrow our sectors of activities as we assist what are required at locals most.

Distinctive features of FIDR - ‡@Challenge into new sectors

gWhat is the most needed assistance?h Keeping this question in minds, we tackle with the situations flexibly and challenge into new sectors whenever necessary. The project of establishing a pediatric surgery in Cambodia which is a new medical field in this country and the project of community development through tourism in ethnic minority villages in mountainous Vietnam are examples. Our stance of not limiting our activity sectors made these projects possible and there is scarcely precedent in NGO activities.

Distinctive features of FIDR - ‡AIntervene into multi-sectors and bring synergistic effects

We respond to local gneedsh flexibly and make projects intervening in multi sectors. For example, the project establishing hospital diet in Cambodia intervenes sectors of gmedical careh, gfoodh, and gnutritionh. Another project, rural development in Cambodia, intervenes in two sectors of gagricultureh and ghealthh. There are no precedents of these kinds of projects in other NGOsf activities.