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[Sri Lanka] Chavakachcheri Base Hospital Pediatric Ward Construction Project

Outline of Disaster

Disaster Type Earthquake (Magnitude 9.3) and Tsunami
Date December 26, 2004
Location Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Maldives, Somalia
Loss and Injury of
human life in Sri Lanka
Death:35,322 Missing:5,637 Injured:16,637

Our Response




Chavakachcheri, Jaffna District

Activity Summary

Chavakachcheri Base Hospital, which is located approx. 380 km north of Colombo, has been a leading provider of medical care in Chavakachcheri, Jaffna district was seriously destroyed during the conflict, but has been providing medical treatment at one remaining facility. When the earthquake off Sumatra struck on December 26, 2004, tsunami victims were brought to the hospital, but it could not provide appropriate medical care to the patients.

In July 2005, the average number of outpatients a day was approx. 350 and one third of them were children. But, appropriate care could not be provided to these children as the hospital did not have a pediatric ward and adequate equipment. We decided to construct a pediatric ward to provide quality pediatric service to local residents as a part of rehabilitation support to Sri Lanka where was seriously destroyed by tsunami. Construction of pediatric ward at Chavakachcheri Base Hospital started in October 2005, but had been suspended for three years from August 2006 because of the intensification of the conflict between Sri Lankan government and anti-government organization(LTTE: Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam). The construction work was resumed in March 2010 after the end of the conflict. The building was completed and medical equipment and furniture were installed in the new pediatric ward in September 2010.


Staff of Chavakachcheri Base Hospital: 92 people
Children and residents of Chavakachcheri and neighboring areas (approx. 80,000 people)

Main Activities

Construction of pediatric ward
Specification: RC Guild 2-storied structure building, (number of bed: 48)
Main facilities: treatment room, nurse station, isolated room, play room, kitchen, laundry, resting room for family, and renting room for nurse
Installation of medical equipment and hospital furniture
Installation of play equipment at children park

Partner Organization

Sevalanka Foundation