FIDR is a non-governmental organization working to support children in developing countries and people affected by disasters.

[Japan] Great East Japan Earthquake 2011

Emergency Response and Rehabilitation Assistance for the Great East Japan Earthquake

1. Provision of food and commodities to evacuation centers (March - May, 2011)

We delivered foodstuffs to evaluation centers in Shiogama city, Kesennuma city (Miyagi pref.), Miyako city (Iwate pref.), etc. We also provided refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and some commodities including sanitary goods and eating utensils in Iwate pref.

2. Provision of household electric appliances(April 2011 - January 2012)

We provided rice cookers, electric pots, cleaners, heaters, electric fans, etc. to approx. 7,000 families in temporary housings, public and private housings, etc. in 8 municipalities in Iwate pref.
In October 2011, we provided heaters to approx. 100 families evacuating outside from Otsuchi town, Iwate pref. From November 2011, we provided heaters to approx. 4,150 families remaining and living in their damaged homes in 8 municipalities in Iwate pref.

3DSupport for children

‡@Assistance for establishing temporary nursery centers (for 2 years from July 2011)

For the reconstruction of public nursery centers destroyed by tsunami, we assisted the construction of nursery center buildings for Tsugaruishi Nursery Center and Taro Nursery Center (Opened in September 2011) in Miyako city and Omoto Nursery Center (Opened in December 2011) in Iwaizumi town (all three are in Iwate pref.) and installed necessary equipment and furniture

‡ASupport to club activities of secodary schools (July 2011 - ongoing)

We have been assisting the purchase and repair of equipment and items lost by tsunami and expenses for practicing club activities or participating in contests/games

‡BSupport to volunteer activities by secondary school students (July 2011 - ongoing)

We have been assisting expenses for junior high/high school students in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures who are willing to contribute themselves for the rehabilitation of devastated areas through engaging in voluntary work.

4DAssistance for recovering lives (September 2011 - ongoing)

‡@Backup for shopping

In Yamada town, we have been operating shopping bus service for people living in temporary housings to go shopping since October 2011, and donated a new vehicle in March 2012.
The bus has been run by Yamada Town Social Welfare Council and is utilized also for interaction and information sharing among people and for having fun time together.

‡AReweaving communities

Preventing the isolating of people living in temporary housings and restoring vigorousness in communities are crucial.
We have organized gatherings among people living in temporary housings and facilitated to decide representative and group leaders of each housing complex. We also assisted creating opportunities for them to get together and forming residentsf associations

5DAssistance for local industry reconstruction and employment generation (April 2012 - ongoing)

‡@Yamada Town - Tourism

We have been assisting the reconstruction of tourism and relating industries.
We have been assisting publishing information magazines introducing attractive features and reconstruction update of Yamada town to draw peoplefs attentions and interests to the town to promote their visit to and/or the purchase of local products to facilitate the reconstruction of the town and local industries and local employment generation.

‡AOtsuchi Town -Rehabilitation and Reconstruction support

In Otsuchi town, fishery industry, which is a key industry to the town, was devastated by the disaster.
Fishery with fixed nets is the main business of Shin-Otsuchi Fishery Association, but could not be resumed, and also as most fishermen were affected by the disaster, the association faced serious financial difficulties.
We support a portion of the cost to purchase some fixed nets and one new ship for fixed net fishing, and fully bear the repair cost of old ships to swiftly resume fixed net fishing, some equipment and items which association members use collectively.