FIDR is a non-governmental organization working to support children in developing countries and people affected by disasters.

What We Do

Issues the Project Tackles

In Cambodia where the nutritional status of people is seriously worse than in other countries, it is planned to introduce the unit of nutrition in health subject which will become a regular subject in all public elementary, junior high and high schools in 2025. However, there is a shortage of human resources who can write curriculums and textbooks, in addition, developing teachersf skills on teaching about nutrition is also in high need.

Background of the Issues

While there is abundant information about nutrition in Japan and nutrition education is valued in Japanese schools, Cambodian children hardly have an opportunity to learn about nutrition and meals. The main reasons are the fact that nutrition education is not incorporated in education curriculums, and there are not enough teachers who can teach about nutrition in the country. Average weight and height of Cambodian children are significantly lower than that of children in other Southeast Asian countries. Thus, it is apparent that they need nutrition education in order to improve their eating habits.

In the gNutrition and Diet Management Projecth that FIDR conducted from 2014 to 2016, we developed Recommended Dietary Allowance and Food Based Dietary Guidelines for school-aged children with the collaboration with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and other international donor organizations in Cambodia. Food Based Dietary Guidelines is the first nutrition improvement guidelines based on scientific evidences in Cambodia, including recommended meals, calling for the eating habit improvement, educational materials, monitoring evaluation methods and more. Cambodian Ministry of Health authorized it as the national guidelines in November 2017. In addition, it is also introduced on the website of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Based on these results, the School Health Department of the Ministry of Education requested technical support from FIDR in introducing nutrition education to public schools across the country. By 2019, FIDR had worked on writing curriculums, teaching materials and studentfs textbooks together with conducting training for teachers. Further technical support is expected towards the start of nutrition education in 2025.

Project Purpose

Promote the nutritional status improvement of school-aged children and their families all over the country by introducing appropriate eating habit through systematic nutrition education.

Project Site

Cambodia throughout the country (4 Model schools in Kampong Cham Province)


EStaffs of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health
ETeachers, students and their families of public schools (elementary, junior high and senior high schools) throughout the country

Main Activities

1. Support in writing contents of nutrition in Health subject textbooks, making instruction guideline, and training teachers.
2. Conduct workshops and improve the facilities in model schools towards the start of nutrition education
3. Disseminate Food Based Dietary Guidelines among school-aged children

Project Period

April 2020 - March 2025 (Total project period: 2017 - 2025)

Our Approach

While many agencies of United Nations and NGOs are conducting support activities in Cambodia, FIDR is now in charge of a major role as establishing nutrition education of the country. To meet their expectations, we are going to support nutrition education and its dissemination activities with the collaboration of experienced Japanese specialists and the careful consideration of Cambodian society and the school situation.