FIDR is a non-governmental organization working to support children in developing countries and people affected by disasters.

What We Do

Issues the Project Tackles

“Pediatric Surgery” is a medical field to treat infants and children in need of surgery due to sickness or injury. In Cambodia, there is a limited number of hospitals which offer pediatric surgery because of a lack of doctors and nurses who are capable of diagnosing accurately and treating patients properly. This current status of the medical community in Cambodia has been causing some patients to die or suffer from lifelong disabilities as curable sicknesses or injuries are not treated properly.

Background of the Issues

Child mortality rate in Cambodia shows one of the highest among Southeast Asia countries. Most medical facilities and professionals disappeared in the twenty year civil war since 1970, especially under the oppressive rule of Pol Pot’s regime from 1975 to 1979. Afterward, with supports from foreign countries, numbers of doctors and nurses have been increasing, and medical facilities have been recovering; however, there was no international support on pediatric surgery requiring high expertise.

We, FIDR, acknowledged the necessity of establishing the field of pediatric surgery in Cambodia. Cooperatively with the National Pediatric Hospital (NPH) in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, we have promoted technology improvement and establishment of a medical care system since 1996. After 20 years of our efforts there, local surgeons and anesthesiologists have become able to treat patients properly and train young health professionals who aim for working in pediatric surgery.

For strengthening the pediatric surgery medical care system in rural areas, we expanded our efforts on pediatric surgery to rural areas in 2016 and selected Kratie province, which is located in the northeastern part of Cambodia, as a model area. We are continuing our activities on development of human resource in pediatric surgery and referral system for pediatric surgical patients in the rural areas where many children still don’t have an access to proper medical treatment.

Project Purpose

We work for children in Cambodia to receive proper diagnostic and treatment by establishing the foundation for diagnostic and treatment technique on pediatric surgery at NPH and extending the knowledge and skills to rural areas.

Project Period

April 2017 - March 2022 (Total Project Period: October 1996 - March 2022)

Project Site

Kratie province and Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Direct Beneficiaries
Staffs of Surgical Department (SD) and Operation Theatre (OT) at Provincial Referral Hospital (PRH) in Kratie province: approx. 20 people
Health Centers (HC, 30 sites), and staffs and Village Health Support Group (VHSG) of Health Post (HP, 14 sites) in Kratie province: approx. 600 people
Indirect Beneficiaries
Children and their families in Kratie province (72,769 households), including pediatric surgical patients (about 500 person per year) and their guardians
Whole hospital staff of Kratie PRH (approx. 100 people)
SD and OT (surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, etc.) at NPH (approx. 60 people)

Main Activities

Improving the quality of the pediatric surgery field at PRH in Kratie province
Improving the referral system of pediatric surgical patients in Kratie province
Enlightening the residents in Kratie province and increasing access to medical service
Improving the leadership of NPH staffs

Our Approach

We have been providing training for health professionals of the surgical department and operation theatre and improving medical facilities step by step in Cambodia where the field of pediatric surgery has not been established. We aim at extending our efforts to nationwide.