FIDR is a non-governmental organization working to support children in developing countries and people affected by disasters.

Who We Are

Foundation for International Development/Relief(FIDR)is a non-governmental organization founded in 1990 to promote international cooperation.

Missions of FIDR

  • @FIDR promotes to build a society where children in developing countries grow healthy.
  • AFIDR promotes international cooperation together with many corporations, organizations and individuals in Japan.

We engage in the following three programs to fulfill our missions.

International Cooperation for Social Development We provide support in various sectors based on local situations in developing countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal to eliminate poverty and to be able to develop their societies in a self-reliant way.
Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation We provide emergency relief support to those suffering from natural disasters in Asian countries including Japan.
Public Relations and Education We send out information to and communicate with our supporting members, donors, stakeholders, etc. to promote the network of cooperation.

What FIDR values

“Width”- Responding to local needs-

We grasp, at site and from a broad perspective, what are necessary for the society for children to grow healthily. We find various issues and problems surrounding children which might be medical and educational problems, development of local industry, mutual help among local residents, and recovery of livelihood from disaster. Our activities stretch to various sectors as we respond to local needs where crucial issue exists and outside supports are necessary.

“Depth” - Providing professional inputs and effective support

NGOs have strength to do professional work effectively and efficiently. We make sure to improve knowledge and skills of local people by receiving support from experienced professionals in various stages of project---survey, implementation, and evaluation. Our staff, who are in charge of project operation and management continue gaining knowledge regarding assigned project and also facilitation and management skills such as program planning and evaluation to pursue highly effective and professional work.