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An opening ceremony of new project phase in Kratie province

Pediatric anesthesia - prevailing in rural areas

The pediatric surgery project which has been implemented by FIDR at the National Pediatric Hospital (NPH) from 1996 for the past 20 years has expanded its activities to Kratie province - a northeastern province of Cambodia since this fiscal year. To commemorate this event, an opening ceremony was held in Kratie province on August 7. In the ceremony, we had an opportunity of welcoming approximately 100 people including Mr Okamatsu - FIDR’s director board member, Doctor Ishii who have a huge contribution in the project for a long time and Mr Okada - FIDR’s Secretary General coming from Japan, as well as Director of NPH, Director of Health Department of Kratie Province, Director of Kratie Provincial Hospital, Director of Health Centers in the province, and the doctors/ staffs of Kratie Provincial Hospital who will be the target beneficiaries of the project.

Mr Okamatsu introduced the significance of FIDR's support on surgeon's postgraduate training at NPH that"There are still many areas in developing countries where the access to surgical operations is limited. If patients who need surgery can access surgery operation easily and receive appropriate treatment, more children can be saved their lives".

Director of Health Department of Kratie Province mentioned that "Since the emergency referral system in the province will be strengthened with FIDR support, we will take our first effort on calling to the parents and caretakers of pediatric patients to bring their children to the hospital for examination".

Finally, Mr. Okada FIDR Secretary General presented the plate engraved with the names of Cambodian Ministry of Health, Kratie Provincial Hospital and FIDR.

Through this new phase, we try to build a medical system in which Kratie Provincial Hospital will be in the center of pediatric surgical management in the northeastern Cambodia with a strong partnership, so that more children can receive appropriate treatment in the local.


Proceeding to New Stage

Pediatric anesthesia - prevailing in rural areas

In April 2017, the new local basis of FIDR is going to set up in Kratie province, one of the northeast area in Cambodia. Departing from Phnom Penh, 6-hour driving brings you to the province where many tourist likely visit to enjoy nature and to meet wild dolphins. On the way to Kratie, you will see peaceful landscape along national roads, crossing the bridge “Kizuna” constructed by Japanese governmental aid, and sometimes rough and sandy roads make your travel thrilling.

You can see Kratie Provincial Referral Hospital in the central city of Kratie. The hospital is the biggest general hospital in the province. That’s exactly our next basis for new Pediatric Surgery Project. Furthermore, they receive referrals from other hospitals and even other provinces that indicates possibility, in the future, to become a hub hospital in this region.

So far, FIDR has supported National Pediatric Hospital (NPH) in Phnom Penh over 20 years. The extremely long-term cooperation enabled the hospital to sufficiently provide treatment for patients in medically satisfying level. Over ruin of medical human resource and building due to past civil war, FIDR had been proceeding with NPH in order to help surgeons, anesthetists and nurses develop more and more as well as supports for facility reinforcement. As a result in NPH today, it becomes the national leading institution of pediatric surgery for both performance and education in Cambodia.

From such kind of experience, you can see a new age coming that skill and knowledge of pediatric surgery should be succeeded from Cambodian persons to Cambodian persons.

In 2017, FIDR and stakeholders in Kratie province will commence a new project for 5 years. Skill and knowledge of NPH would facilitate medical staff in Kratie to provide pediatric surgical treatment appropriately. Of course, health staff of NPH is highly expected to work out as resource persons.

It seems that a long way is waiting for us for the achievement. However, for the sake of children, FIDR is going to move forward together with the help of NPH, health institutions and medical staff in Kratie, and all stakeholders as well as Ministry of Health, and Japanese experts.

« Introduction of Team »
The team of Pediatric Surgery Project has been elaborating to weave a new project plan everyday. You can watch video messages from us, telling what kind of impression through experience in FIDR, and also wishes to this new project!

Chea Sophal (Project Manager)

Dok Bunsovann (Project Coordinator)

Prum Tiny (Senior Project Facilitator)